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33 Brain-Melting Works Of 3-D Sidewalk Chalk Art

You won't believe your eyes.


Animal Sculptures Comprised of Densely Rolled Newspaper by Artist Chie Hitotsuyama


ArtStation - Jeans cleaned, Eugene Fokin


ArtStation - Videogame Door Asset, Alex Zaragoza

Joe Hill Art - 3D Pavement Art

Fan Art: 3D Printed Doctor Who Cyberman Helmet

Michikazu Matsune, Coca Cola Spray, 2016

Joe Hill Art - 3D Pavement Art


Joe Hill Art - 3D Pavement Art Street Art is so down to earth, I think. Yet so elevatory and confronting it is streets ahead of many other art forms. I think. My first board for Pinterest 2014 is pertinent. I think. I think, therefore I am.