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Chief Naiche (ca. 1857-1919) was the final hereditary chief of the Chiricahua band of Apache Indians. Naiche's name, which in English means "meddlesome one" or "mischief maker", is alternately spelled Nache, Nachi, or Natchez. He was the youngest son of Cochise. Naiche died on March 16, 1919 in Mescalero, New Mexico.


Apache Indian man - Andersen Roy (is ge-repind - geen link)


Apache girl in the , "Coming of age," ceremony. Do not know the Apache language for it. Wonderful gathering of her tribe!


Apache Indian Blessing. This is for my Apache bloodlines, probably my favorite part of my lineage. I love my ancestors! !

"Geronimo is said to have had magical powers. He could see into the future, walk without creating footprints and even hold off the dawn to protect his own. This Apache Indian warrior and his band of 37 followers defied federal authority for more than 25 years."


Alchise, 1853-1928, Chief White Mountain Apache (Western Apache). Indian Scout (Sergeant). Medal of Honor. By Edward S. Curtis, 1906 (colorized).


Cochise did not allow his photo to be taken as many Native American Indians.. I Have a friend who majored in SW history & lived in AZ we discussed and this photo is..............Chatto, Chiricahua Apache. Chatto headed a delegation to Washington for a conference on July 26th, to appeal to the Secretary of War regarding the removal of the Apache from Fort Apache to the panhandle of Oklahoma


Facts for Kids: Apache Indians (Apaches)