Anne Frank- a beautiful angel that I will always admire for what she did and what she believed in!

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The people who hid in the annexe with Anne and her family, as well as the people who helped to hide them.

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Anne Frank was a little girl who lived in Holland during the WW2 and she hide from the war because they were gonna take her away. She was hiding in her attic for a very long time.Anne frank changed Canada in so many ways like the diary.Anne frank wrote everything in that diary and without that diary we wouldn't of known what had happend during that time in WW2.

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what a life...this girl is so admirable...and brave...wish I knew her :( Anne Frank

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Anne Frank In Concentration Camp | Anne Frank's Gravestone | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Anne Frank is and was an inspiration, I recently read The Diary Of Anne Frank, and to be honest, I was emotionally unstable. <3

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Not really sure why, but this has been on my bucket list for years! Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

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TOP: 1942 yellow star labeled “Jood” (Jew) - BOTTOM: Life Magazine was the first to print the story of Anne Frank — the image and writing on the cover is from Anne Frank’s diary and says, “This is the photo I want to use when I go to Hollywood”.

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anne frank house - Google Search

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An open page of the actual diary of Anne Frank. Never doubt the power of the written word !

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