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with LEDs for lanterns in her model to-scale gingerneighborhood XD

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this is one of the best fanarts i've seen of annabeth

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I must admit.. ANNABETH IS ONE OF THE BEST CHARACTERS EVER ( According to me. If you disagree, don't listen to me. )

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Annabeth in Percy's sweater❤️

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Annabeth Chase<< she can't be on a laptop tho cuz it will attract monsters<<she can its that laptop daedalus gave her

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Somehow I can solve the Quadratic Formula, Pythagorean Therom, memorize the Periodic table, come up with battle strategies, get a book published (it's called the Master game check it out) but somehow I have no idea how relationships work. Figures.

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I also remember Percy freaking out and telling Annabeth to just answer the questions.

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Annabeth Chase... missing percy

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Annabeth chase viria

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Even strength has to bow down to wisdom sometimes. -Annabeth Chase

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