The Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton ladyhawke1220 books worth reading

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Circus Of The Damned: the Charmer (Graphic Novel #4)

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Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novels and graphic novels by Laurell K. Hamilton and Dark Horse/ Marvel comic books.

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Anita Blake More

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Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter More

Anita Blake quotes Edward and Anita - Both of us?

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Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter - Asher with hair as the color of metallic gold and his eyes as the pale blue of a Siberian Husky.

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“Maybe they know what I know, that the true way to a man's heart is six inches of metal between his ribs. Sometimes four inches will do the job, but to be really sure, I like to have six.” ― Laurell K. Hamilton, Narcissus in Chains

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My father had taught me to be nice first

Anita Blake Quote

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