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Just be Happy .. Kaori

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#no se que poner esto explica algo pero yo no lo encuentro

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Oh! He finally got my letter! I really hope he responds... >////////< V

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Anime Angel Girl Render by on @deviantART

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Sometimes the little things,are the things that makes you happy the most... Kaori...Your Lie in April...

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pomodorosa • drawing on photograph of the sky

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Digital Art by iya-chen

man, this is perfect. this could have so many storylines and so many pro/an/tagonists for it. also so many powers. this. is. great.

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The best clouds can be molded into whatever shape you want... Thought this was kinda cool :3

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((Open rp. I'm the angel, you be the demon. gay rp cuz yeah)) I had loved a demon and he loved me. You weren't supposed to date a demon I knew that just happened. They found out and my punishment for liking a demon was, getting rid of one of my wings. After they cut it off, I sat there crying. You walked up to me.

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