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blissfuldreams: Dark Elf Psychic

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Main/Bow and Sword, in Accord - Television Tropes & Idioms - A character who wields both a bow and sword (this includes crossbows). This is quite common in fiction for a number of reasons: It makes tactical sense. Even the toughest swordsman or most accurate archer will find their weapons useless when fighting at thewrong range.It looks damn cool.It gives the author another tool for their hero to use, allowing for easier writing during action sequences.

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Old dwarf by FLOWERZZXU

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Exércitos De Fantasia,Fantasia Jogos Conceito De Arte,Conceito De Arte Digital,Raças De Fantasia,Fantasy,Fantasia Medieval,Elfos,Máscaras,Fantasy Oldhammer

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Beastmen by Wiggers123 | Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Fantasy | Concept Fae Creatures Warriors

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female ranger elf bird falcon forest dynamic

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Delicadas,Devorando Goblins,Don Jon,Goblin Shaman,Goblin Orkaster,Goblin Wizard,Shaman Mage,Mage Wizard,Goblin Inspiration

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Adrian Smith 16

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