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His Darkness was most definitely there... but yet he disguised it artfully with false emotions of goodness. I didn't know how he did it.

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Aneurin Barnard

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We’ll take Manhattan (2012) Aneurin Barnard as David Bailey

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Aneurin Barnard a very South Welsh ( Silure) beauty. Found a Silurian! Dark haired, and beautiful.

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Aneurin Barnard as Boris war and peace

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We'll Take Manhattan

Aneurin Barnard

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Who really puts the PHWOAR into Phwoar and Peace?

Power driven social climber: Aneurin Barnard, 28, plays Boris Drubetskoy, an ambitious man who wants to rise in society

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Richard III on

IF YOU DON'T THINK ANEURIN BARNARD IS THE PERFECT WILL HERONDALE... you're crazy. He's got the curly dark hair, blue eyes, Welsh heritage...

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Pictures & Photos of Aneurin Barnard - IMDb

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"Do you love me, Anne?" Aneurin Barnard as Richard III --- A once honorable but disenchanted soldier consumed by paranoia or a Conniving, ambitious, blood-thirsty, monster who fooled us all? -- The 'False King' on 'The White Queen'

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