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15 Hilarious Cats Who Behave Exactly Like Us at Work

the grumpy cat cute - Google Search


This is a great story! And I love how harmless the word "bungalow" is, yet the teachers had to put a ban on it.


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48 Old School “Facts” From The Internet... #anecdotes #FunnyStuff

Haruhi and Tamaki Kiss. Ouran High School Host Club.


"The child is made of one hundred... Words to Live by:Loris Malaguzzi inspired many with his meaningful, child-centred approach to early years education in the schools of Reggio Emilia. His anecdotes continue to inspire educators to learn alongside children, recognize the joy in each moment, and value the many languages of the child. Playfully Inspired: A Journey Through Early Learning ≈≈


The Indigo Memoirs :: <p>This novel, titled The Indigo Memoirs, details anecdotes, events, thoughts, opinions, experiences, and memories that have occurred during my life. The book retells my travels over Australia and other parts of the world, including Greece and Japan. It includes my struggles at school as well as my personal and intimate experiences. There is something for everyone in this book. There elements of comedy, suspense, lust, and action. There are elements of spiritu...

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