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Villa Capra (o Viilla la Rotonda), by Andrea Palladio. s. 1570. Near Vicenza, Italy.

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Chiesa del Redentore by Andrea Palladio ,in Venice - Italy.

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Andrea Palladio: Andrea Palladio, de nombre Andrea di Pietro della Góndola…

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In pictures: Andrea Palladio's life and legacy

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San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, designed by Andrea Palladio and built between 1566 and 1610

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Andrea Palladio: Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice; the construction begun in 1566; the façade was completed under the direction of Vincenzo Scamozzi between 1597-1610

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Andrea Palladio. 16th Italian architect who re-introduced classical style into formal buildings, and whose influence peaked in England in 18th century, leading to some of my fave stately homes.

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podio: Villa “La Rotonda” de Andrea Palladio

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Andrea Palladio. Palazzo Porto-Breganze. Vicenza. 1570's #architecture #palladio

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by Andrea Palladio, was an Italian architect active in the Republic of Venice. Palladio, influenced by Roman and Greek architecture, is widely considered the most influential individual in the history of Western architecture