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Boris - Anatolian Shepherd puppy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Training an Anatolian Shepherd Dog as a Poultry Guardian - ASDI, Inc.

A two week old goat kid being guarded by a 17 month old, half grown Anatolian Shepherd that already has a 26” neck.


Anatolian Shepherd Dogs - These are fiercely protective dogs and will be threatened by anything other than the family they live with!


The History of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog states that it is a large, powerful livestock and family guardian whose origins date back for thousands of years.

Anatolian Shepherd. I also plan on having atleast one of these big-uns in my lifetime

Anatolian Shepherd - Great dog to have on a farm, really great at guarding and kind in the family. Good looking too!!!

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