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Macro/Anemonas do mar 2

Make Your Own Jellyfish In A Bottle Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook…

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Vampyroteuthis infernalis Literally, "Vampire Squid from Hell."

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A bit of hyperbolic - crocheted barnacles and coral

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Acanthastrea coral <<< Incredible colours!! This is exactly why we have to find a way to prevent coral bleaching in the ocean!

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Pólipo - Anemona do mar

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Pink Sea Anemones - Sea anemones are, for the most part, sessile creatures which means they remain attached to one spot. But if conditions grow inhospitable, sea anemones can detach from their home and swim off in search of a more suitable location. They can also slowly glide on their pedal disc and can even crawl on their side or by using their tentacles.

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Oceans | Océanos - #Oceans - #Sea

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24 hours in pictures

Weird but cool looking

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This is a coral reef made for the The Little Mermaid Jr. The bulk of it is from pool noodles, foam flowers, and the lower flowers are from plastic table cloths.

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