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BullyVille - R.I.P. Amanda Todd i remember watching her video and finding out she committed suicide.


Amanda u were a cute young girl and before i ment cassie and Ashley u was mine first daughter and friend i ever had so rip sorry thai was not there for u but very soon i would be seeing u in heaven cause that is where u belong in heaven love u amanda todd

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Bullied teen Amanda Todd made YouTube video call for help before suicide

RIP Amanda Todd ♥ re pin this forever to help stop bullying. Amanda Todd killed herself because of constant bullying. This video was taken 4 hours before she killed herself. If it doesn't mean something to you you have ABSOLUTELY NO HEART!!!


For Amanda Todd from BC, Canada ~ RIP Amanda ~ Keep calm and end bullying by Please share this and repin as often as you are able! The only way we can stop bullying is if WE take action! Please please repin! ~<3~


Amanda Todd is a beautiful girl and needs more acknowledgment. The schools should teach about her so the bullying will die down, instead of the students.


Stop the Bullying. Amanda Todd, dead at age 15, suffered at the hands of bullies who stalked her and harassed her. This behaviour must be stamped out...


Amanda Todd - I am beautiful(most beautiful singing ever) can't believe she's gone.


Stop and think before you do or say something because you don't know what that person is going through. So try to walk through the world with some sense of understanding for people. You never know what you say or do may mean the difference between life and death for someone.


1 like= Respect RIP Amanda Todd