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Life in the America colonies was rough. Most people died on the first attempts to establish settlements in the late 1600's early 1700's... There were 3 main areas in Colonial America. They were the New England colonies, Middle colonies, and Southern colonies. There was also an area known as the Backcountry, where there was a lot of swampland and it was hard to make a living. All of the colonies had different lifestyles.


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These FREE foldable Colonial America graphic organizers will be a hit with your students.


map Colonial America in 1754 British 13 Colonies


5 Easy Colonial America Map Activities for Kids

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13 Colonies {New England, Middle, Southern} I Have, Who Has? Game

Colonial America {New England, Middle, Southern} I Have, Who Has? Game...Great content!

Here's a short reading on the Jamestown colony and related question sheet.

American Colonies/Colonial Life Social Studies Mini-Project: Create a Colonist

Create a Colonist: Fun mini-project / activity for a Social Studies unit on life in the 13 colonies. Common Core content area writing!

General Cornwallis surrenders to Washington

Timeline: Colonial America 1600 - 1775