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shirazade: Auditioning is extremely bizarre. Just being an actor is extremely bizarre, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

adelaide kane behind the scenes of zooey magazine.


Hello I'm Mary I'm 17 and single but looking anyways I have a lot of siblings I enjoy horses out doors and I easily believe in people~Mary

Adelaide Kane @adelaidekane Instagram photos | Websta


Adelaide Kane & Torrance Coombs


Hello, I'm Isabelle Fray. I'm 19. I live with my older brothers, younger siblings, and my mother in Kent. We own a family farm with many of my cousins. I'm in caste four. Most don't think that a farm girl could be queen. They scoff at me. I am determined, quick witted, and intelligent. I like to have a balance and am a good diplomat. I have a temper, I'll warn you. I will fully enjoy this experience. I like to write, read, and fence. I am a good horseback rider as well.


*i practice for my audition* *you walk in* *hi *i say and you respond with hey what are you doing* *i turn around* what are you doing here~mary((open rp))

Mary (Adelaide Kane), Francis (Toby Regbo), and Bash (Torrance Coombs) goofing off as usual #Frary #Mash