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Coffee and working for me is the be all and end all of my productivity. So its not too strange these days to set up a laptop and headphones at a local coffee shop and get cracking on with whatever needs to be done with a cup of coffee to keep me attuned to the task at hand. However doing so regularly can be counter-productive and expensive. The alternative could be working at home with home brewed coffee but then you are then tempted into procrastination with all the joys that a modern home…

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Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Big Bang and Harry Potter? Yes


Leonard and Penny are renewing their vows in the season 10 premiere of The Big Bang Theory. What do you think? Do you watch the CBS sitcom?

de The Berry

Watch TV and burn those calories folks (22 photos)

Movie and TV workouts. This is one of the few shows on here that I actually watch.