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The Warrior's Gaze Cheyenne Warrior Painting James Ayers

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Real Geronimo was wily fighter whose skill lay in avoiding war, author claims

"Who was Geronimo? For white Americans, he was the most feared and hated Indian warrior of his time – the epitome of the merciless savage bent on slaughtering them and their families. Later, as the US came to terms with its harsh treatment of Native Americans, the Apache leader would emerge as a different figure: the noble hero fighting to defend his land, people and way of life."

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Pinturas realísticas dos índios norte americanos | designerGH

alfredo rodriguez artist | Alfredo Rodriguez | Art auction results, prices and artworks estimates

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Pinturas realísticas dos índios norte americanos

Native American Arts

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Rocky Mountain1

Companion by Kim Monahan kp

Native American Artists Paintings | Native American Art

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