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the back of a man's body with words written on it
New Brand Identity for .Oddity Frangrance by .Oddity Studio — BP&O
an open book with black and white marbled paper on the cover, sitting on top of a table
trace marks — lotta helleberg
an abstract painting with blue and white colors
Art Direction+Design → kristyna.kulikova@gmail.com
Cover album for Oblaka – Hace Kristyna Kulikova | Art Direction + Graphic Design → kristyna.kulikova@gmail.com
two black and white photographs of icebergs in the water, one with its back turned to the camera
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橫田大輔 Daisuke Yokota, Linger | Akina6, 2014
the pages in this book are open to show different images and text on them, with hands pointing at each page
Meat – Olivier Pin-Fat
two cards with seagulls flying over the ocean and water droplets on them,
Revista DALE!
Look at the real estate left on the cover when you push the garbage to the side. Seriously, just look at it. Revista DALE! on Editorial Design Served
a piece of paper with some pictures hanging from it's clips on a black background
an open book with pictures and text on it
three different images are shown in two separate sections, one is blue and the other is brown
bef5db6aeb1b63bd3f4e21dc295f6e6f.jpg | Are.na
an open book with pictures and text on the pages, including images of human body parts
Querida on an unconventional magazine rethink and Photoshopping a defecating horse
The Barcelona-based studio talks us through its two latest projects: the visual artwork for MJ LLergo's debut album and the design of the new arts magazine, Bound.