two soccer players in red and white uniforms standing on the field with their arms around each other
a man wearing a face mask while walking
darwin nuñez.
a soccer player is running on the field with his hands in the air as he prepares to kick the ball
a man holding his hands to his face
Darwin Nuñez - SL Benfica
a soccer player is kicking the ball in front of an empty stadium full of people
@vlachod1mos ❤️
an empty stadium filled with red seats under a cloudy sky
Wallpapers Benfica 🦅 on Twitter
fans are in the stands at a baseball game and one person is holding up his cell phone
an airplane flying over a large stadium under a cloudy sky
Wallpapers Benfica 🦅 on Twitter
a large stadium filled with lots of people
a football stadium full of people taking pictures with their cell phones as confetti is thrown in the air
a red and white train traveling over a bridge under a cloudy blue sky with clouds