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an orange and black poster with different types of buildings on it's sides, including the
n treating the design of the anticipated Student Center and the METU campus square together with their immediate surroundings, the fundamental decision taken for the project was to efface the boundary that would form between them.
an image of different types of objects in the form of letters and numbers on a white background
an image of different types of objects in the form of geometric shapes and their names
the diagram shows different types of windows and doors in various sizes, shapes, and colors
Accueil - Fred de la compta
Louis Kahn (from "Licht und Raum- light and space", Urs Büttiker) The chronological listing of projects traces Kahn's development process in light control and modulation. Projects beginning with student work from 1924 and ending with the Berkeley library from 1971-1974 reveal an extraordinary broad spectrum of solutions for the design of light and space. Kahn's struggle to find the coherent answer for each architectural challenge remains the basic principle characterizing his complete work.
an illustrated diagram showing different types of furniture
Premios PFC COAM 2015 - COAM
COAM - Premios PFC COAM 2015
black and white silhouettes of boats in various stages of construction on the water, from top to bottom
AAKAA / Las vistillas (with Stéphane Bauche) Monastery / Madrid
the floor plan for an apartment building with multiple levels and different rooms, including one bedroom
Gallery of Garden City K66 / OFIS arhitekti - 22
OFIS; housing, modularni sistem
an image of some buildings in the sky with clouds and mountains behind them, all outlined in black and white
Víctor Manuel Cano
a f a s i a: Víctor Manuel Cano
a bunch of different types of buildings and streets are shown in the diagram above it
Visualizing Architecture User Gallery
Visualizing Architecture User Gallery
the diagram shows how people are walking up and down stairs in different stages of life
Gallery of Customi-Zip / L'EAU design - 30
Customi-Zip / L’EAU design
the diagram shows different types of boats in various stages of construction, and how they are used
an airplane is shown on the runway and has many different types of markings in it
the diagram shows different types of buildings and how they are used to make them look like they
Mieres Social Housing I don't understand the text but more or less understand the design intention