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a living room filled with furniture and pictures on the wall
30 Creative Ideas to Decorate Above the Sofa
Nouvelle Rustic Parlor Style Picture Frames
some mason jars and whisk are sitting on a kitchen counter with the words, flip - str - whisk
Mason jar table decor-mason jar kitchen decor-rustic utensil holder - baby shower decor-party decor-Wedding Decor -Farmhouse Decor
the instructions for how to make a hanging shelf with scissors and cords on it,
53 Unexpectedly Brilliant DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget
Check out the tutorial: #DIY Hanging Shelves @istandarddesign
three different pictures showing the process of making chandelier lights from plastic balls and paper machs
Ping Pong Ball Lights
DIY party lights!
mason jar herb garden is an easy and cheap way to grow herbs in jars that you can easily use
DIY Herb Garden In Mason Jars - Crafts Unleashed
Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden
three different pictures of plants in glass vases with rocks and gravel on the bottom
21 Simple Ideas For Adorable DIY Terrariums
Craft Project Ideas: 5 DIY Terrariums That Bring Beauty
the process of making a cactus plant out of paper plates and rocks is shown here
Stone cactus
four glass terrariums with plants in them
Planetarium Terrarium
Planetarium Terrarium
an info sheet showing different types of plants
Terrariums Are The Coolest
Growing tiny plants in a micro-ecosystem is a great way to spruce up your home | #Terrarium #Micro_Ecosystem #DIY
three light bulbs filled with plants and rocks
30 Beautiful DIY Ways to Upcycle Lightbulbs
Craft Project Ideas: 28 DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget
four different plates with flowers on them and one being cut into smaller pieces to make a flower centerpiece
four different stages of growing succulents in wooden trays on the floor
Succulents. these clementine boxes are so cute, what a great use for them!
three different pictures of plants in glass vases with rocks and gravel on the bottom
Start A Fire
21 Simple DIY Adorable Terrariums: Home decorating ideas DIY Home Decor Ideas, #DIY #HomeDecor
candles are sitting in a wooden box on the floor with moss growing out of it
wood boxes - moss - candles in Mason jars centerpieces???
a table topped with blue and white vases filled with flowers next to a lamp
The French Tangerine: ~ blue and white, and lots of it