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an off - road vehicle parked on the beach at dusk
On the Hunt for Vintage Off Road.
There has been this massive and insane run on old Toyota Land Cruisers in the past few years. Recently there have been sales of FJ40s at auction for insane amounts, which has been wild to see. As someone who has lurked in the FJ vintage market for the past five years, I can't believe how high things
the front end of a black truck with lights on it's grilles and bumper guards
Spring 2020 unveiling!
a large truck with lights on it's front and rear wheels parked in a dark room
Ford F-150 Raptor-R Baja Truck Concept
Ash Thorp has released the latest installment in his Make Haste Corp series of vehicle concepts with the new Ford Raptor made over as a...
a toy truck with two large tires on the front and rear wheels, parked against a white wall
Axial Yeti
a remote controlled monster truck parked in front of a wall
Axial Yeti