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the different types of buttons are shown in black and white, including one for each button
thpg-schaltersysteme | A.S.&S.C.inspirations in 2019 | Home tech, Light fixtures, House design
two metal poles are attached to the side of a concrete wall in an industrial area
an electrical outlet on the side of a wall in a room with concrete walls and flooring
Industrial electrical outlet
a bathroom with a black barrel sink next to a toilet
Estilo Industrial: Principais Características e 80 Fotos de Decoração
As tubulações hidráulicas nesse banheiro foram usadas com uma proposta diferente: conectar e ligar lâmpadas
a bathroom with a toilet and chalkboard on the wall next to it's steps
Flávia 🐝📖✨🍞 on Twitter
an old run down bathroom with two buckets on the counter and a red door
a bath tub sitting under a mirror next to a metal wall mounted faucet
like concrete sinks, not crazy about the galvanized steel back–splash
an empty room with exposed beams and brick wall, white walls, and flooring
Gallery of Apartment Renovation for a Musician in Madrid / idearch studio - 11
an electrical outlet attached to the side of a building
there are two sinks and mirrors in the bathroom with red piping on the walls
eljer toilet parts european toilet eco friendly toilet paper toilet flapper toilet fill valve toile
#renovations #wc #dentshield #ditra #hilti #homedecor #quartz #restroom #mortar #washbasin #bath #sanitary
an electrical device mounted to the side of a wall
Wallbox Genuit
a person is holding wires and plugging in to the wall with an electrical outlet
Mastering the Art of Electrical Conduit
a metal switch plate mounted to the side of a wooden shelf next to a wall
都筑 I邸 マンションリノベーション - フィールドガレージ
three different types of light fixtures on a concrete floor
an advertisement for the spanish brand corston, featuring black furniture and modern accessories
Detalhes arquitetónicos em latão maciço
A nossa estética elegante e sóbria, os nossos acabamentos a combinar e os nossos detalhes de design em repetição ajudarão a estabelecer um sentimento de orgulho e harmonia na sua casa. Descubra interruptores, tomadas, ferragens e iluminação de alta qualidade. ✔ Fabrico em latão maciço ✔ Escolha de três acabamentos intemporais ✔ Os interruptores e as tomadas estão em conformidade com as normas IECEE
a wall mounted toilet paper dispenser in a bathroom
two plugs are attached to the side of a brick wall
the back side of a black and white photo with text that reads, surface mounted ball bearing mechanism for high - humidity environments
THPG IP44 Surface-mounted Bakelite switch system - ArchiExpo
the cover of bakelet's catalogue shows different types of buttons and knobs
Zwart Bakeliet schakelmateriaal en stopcontacten
Zwart schakelmateriaal is een sieraad voor je woning. Géén goedkoop plastic, maar hoogwaardige materialen die jouw woning karakter geven. Dit trendy en ambachtelijke schakelmateriaal is een echte eyecather. Voor de afwerking heb je keuze uit vierkante of renovatie afdekramen met strakke lijnen & sfeervolle authentieke ronde afdekramen.
the door is open and there are two black knobs on the white brick wall