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an old fashioned camera is shown in this black and white drawing, with the lens facing upward
Hasselblad Ad Line Art - 1961 by Casual Camera Collector, via Flickr
a drawing of a camera on a white background
Nikon FM2
Nikon FM2
a woman with a tattoo on her stomach that has a red fox on it's side
150+ Tatuagens de Raposa Masculinas e Femininas (Desenhos)
a drawing of a fox's head with lines coming out of the back and side
Lines by Skia on DeviantArt
an artistic painting of a cat on the ground with its tail curled in the air
White Fox. Tattoo Inspiration
a drawing of two foxes on top of each other with stars in the sky above them
Gorgeous subtle tattoo ideas - Tattoo 200
a pencil drawing of a fox curled up in the shape of a reclining position
I really want a fox tattoo on my ribs one day. And it would probably look something like this. I love it so much!
a drawing of a fox curled up in a leaf with its head on the ground
Scientific Illustration
If I could hang this on my wall I would. I love this.