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a wooden sign with black birds painted on it
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Handpainted Bodhran Celtic Drum -- Raven Triskele by Bridgid Ashwood on etsy. "Oak, Ash and Thorn (Hawthorn) have long been associated with Fey/Fairy sacred places and magick. Wherever these three trees grow together it is said that the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest and one might encounter a spirit or fey in that place."
a collage of photos with clocks and pictures
Transforming Time Tickers
three oranges, lemon and lime slices on top of each other next to a glass
DIY citrus coasters - contemporary domesticity.
Wire Wrapped Ring Custom Size   Black Glass Disc  by gabeadz, $11.75 Wire Wrapped Rings, Wire Wrapped Ring, Wrap Rings, Black Glass, Wire Wrapping, Wire Wrapped, Custom Sizing, Rings For Men, Ring
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Wire Wrapped Ring Custom Size Black Glass Disc by gabeadz, $11.75
a woman laying in a bathtub with her head turned to the side and eyes closed
Húngara de 22 anos publicou no Flickr auto-retratos que estão a deixar a "web" boquiaberta. A razão? São demasiado belos e maduros para alguém que fotografa há apenas um ano