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the instructions for how to make a punch the box with plastic cups and paper plates
5 EASY Halloween Games for Kids - The Inspiration Board
5 EASY Kids Halloween Games... Punch the Box More
a child's drawing on the floor with blue chalk in front of them and a chair behind it
Superhero Birthday Party Spiderweb Game: Create a web with point values on the floor with tape and have children toss a bean bag. I got the idea from another pinner who said to use electrical tape, but I opted for painter's tape instead because it will not leave a residue on carpet or tile when it is pulled up (see my Kid Fun board for original pin).
six lollipops wrapped in black string on a table
MADE THESE...Lollipop spiders...except I forgot to pu the eyes on before sticking them in the pinata...guess I'll just have to make them again!