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a card with an image of a room in the middle of it on top of a table
LibGuides: Artifacts in Special Collections: Works of art
an open box with several different designs on the front and sides, sitting on a white surface
LibGuides: Artifacts in Special Collections: Works of art
an architectural drawing showing the components of a building
Fare i libri coi bambini – i libri tunnel – Lapappadolce
an open box with parts labeled in the top and bottom part, including piano keys
Paper peepshows - The world’s stage in the palm of your hand. • V&A Blog
an image of people and animals through a hole in a tree filled area with rocks
Make your own: paper peepshow · V&A
A vintage souvenir in the format of a tunnel book (peepshow book) for The New York World's Fair in 1939. Easy Tunnel Book Ideas, Tunnel Book Art, Tunnel Book Ideas, Pop Up Paper Art, Pop Up Book Design
The New York World's Fair - The World of Tomorrow
an open book with different designs on it
Proyectos que intentar
an image of a diagram showing different parts of a building that are labeled in spanish
Paper Crafts for Children Paper Craft - Canon Creative Park Arts And Crafts Movement
an origami house made out of different types of tiles and other things in it