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customized hiking gear/granite gear/cycling gear/delrin spur gears/turn the wheel for bike/go kart/atv/motorcycle $1~$300
Delrin DT - Empire Mods\ Drip Tip
Delrin DT - Empire Mods\
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How to Clean Delrin Kistkas
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Cool part of the day. Delrin engine mount for a gas powered kayak....
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cool anticlastic jewelry / Delrin anticlastic stakes Anticlastic Jewelry, Silver Smithing, Jewelers Tools, Metal Forming, Jewlery Making, Jewelry Metal, Jewelry Making Tools, Jewelry Techniques, Jewelry Tools
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cool anticlastic jewelry / Delrin anticlastic stakes
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Industrial Plastics Supplier | Emco Industrial Plastics
Delrin is an Acetal polymer.. This material straddles the line between a metal and a plastic. Durable yet flexible
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Delrin Sheets are noted for low moisture absorption, high tensile strength, creep resistance, and durability. Delrin® is a thermoplastic acetal resin. that features a effective chemical resistance to numerous hydrocarbons, solvents, and other chemicals, For detailed specifications documents, please get in touch with Emco for details or call us for a prompt reply. Delrin plastic Sheets have great dimensional stability and minimal moisture absorption. .