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a piece of paper with some red butterflies on it and a pink flower next to it
three flowers with water droplets on them and the words hola in spanish above it
two pink birds with hearts on their beaks and the words, buenos dias
the words thank you for supporting my small business are written in black ink on a light pink circle
Easykart 400 Thank You for Supporting My Small Business Sticker Labels | Pastel Peach Color with Gold Foil Hearts | 1.5" Round in Roll | Highly Recommended for Small Business Owners
PRICES MAY VARY. Perfect Size - These thank you for supporting my small business Stickers are 1.5 inch in size which is an adequate size to be applied to any packages you ship out to your customers , best way to show your gratitude to your customers. A personal touch of showing customers your appreciation will help your business goes further in today's business world. Premium Look & Feel - Thank you stickers are printed on a premium quality water proof self adhesive paper with special effects li
thank you for your order sticker with a heart in the center on a blue circle
Thank You For Your Order Sticker | Zazzle