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Lavender and bee tea towel. Beautiful, large tea towel featuring an originally hand painted image of lavender and a bee painted with watercolours reproduced on this quality tea towel. The tea towel measures 28.5 x 18.5 inches. They are 100% cotton. The image is also available as a matching card and wrapping paper is also available.

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a drawing of a woman's head with a large bow
Art in progress: from blank page to masterpiece
Art in progress" refers to the fact that the artwork is still being worked on, it's not yet finished. It's a snapshot of the creative process in motion.
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teddy bear doodle
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a pencil drawing of a butterfly on paper
a drawing of a pink butterfly on white paper
. . 蛍
watercolor pansy worksheet for beginners
a watercolor painting of purple flowers with green leaves on white paper next to a brush
watercolor painting of pink and purple flowers
a painting of blue flowers on white paper