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the words are written in black and white ink on a white background, as well as an
a boy and girl holding hands while walking down the street with backpacks on their backs
♥ BiEennnVEnueee ChEEzzZ ZééZéééTee ♥
personnages, <a class=
the word sun is made up of words that spell out different languages and are arranged into a woman's face
This is so neat. You upload a picture of yourself, and then add words and it makes this sort of thing. If we took the pictures and the computer teacher would let us do this in the computer lab, this could be really interesting. Maybe as a scrapbook accompaniment to the 8th grade project??
an apple with the word store in it's center surrounded by other words that spell out
Wordles - Kicked Up a Notch
Tagxedo....like Wordle, but you can choose a shape!
the silhouette of a man's head is made up of words in different languages
website - upload photos and fill it with words