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a dimly lit bar with lots of bottles on the shelves and lights hanging from the ceiling
Hotel San Francisco's New Subterranean Glam Rock Bar, Downunder
neon signs are lit up on the walls of a restaurant
two pictures of the inside of a building with blue couches and tables in it
The Krypt.Bar Is Located In A Late 18th Century Cellar In Vienna That's 39 Feet Underground
a dimly lit room with couches, tables and candles on the floor in front of brick walls
Top venue and creative space rentals for rent in Los Angeles, CA | Giggster
a living room filled with furniture and pictures on the wall
Sommertour 2018 - Letzter Tag in Wien -
an empty bar with stools and menu boards on the wall behind it in a dimly lit restaurant
Craft Beer Lab - naif design
the bar has several stools in front of it and many bottles on the shelves
B is for Bar, Bottle Shop and Bold — Design Anthology
the bar is decorated with plants and wicker hanging from it's ceiling, along with stools
You’d Never Guess the Age of This Parisian Brasserie
a living room filled with lots of furniture and a bar in the backround
The Best Speakeasy-Themed Bars in Louisville