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an image of a green light bulb hanging from the ceiling in front of a window
Luminárias de garrafas de vidro recicladas - Artesanato decorativo -
a blue chest sitting on top of a stone floor
Small Storage Chest Redo
After painting this small toy chest for my son 20 years ago, it was time to update it to an adult version. From a Kid's toy chest... To an adult storage chest. Pick the stencils to be used. Sand the surface enough. Gather your materials: Wood putty, squeegee, tape, paints, brush. I used Wood filler for putty. Gently spread a good amount all over the stencil until you cover all the openings and then take off the excess. Make sure you can see some of the stencil. Onc…
an old white frame sitting on top of a table
White ivory gold painted picture frames shabby chic ornate vintage wa…
Cómo atarte los zapatos de mil maneras
several different types of mason jars with tools in them and one being used as a light bulb
Mango and Passion Fruit