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a brown puppy sitting in a cage with the words, the advantages & disavantages of dog crates
The Advantages & Disadvantages of Dog Crates | Eat Wag Play
Are you pro or against dog crates? Honestly, there's positives and negatives. It really depends on how YOU use them. NOT your dog. Here's the main reasons for and against... you decide. #dogcrate #dogcrates #dogaccessories #dogproducts #doghealth
a puppy holding a stick in its mouth with the words, a guide to exercising your puppy
A Guide to Exercising Your Puppy | Eat Wag Play
Under-exercising is detrimental to your new pup’s health, but it's also important to note that over-exercising can be too. Here's how much exercise you should give your new pup over the weeks and months, both physically and mentally... #newpuppy #puppyexercise #puppyenrichment #puppyhealth
a brown dog with the words, what you need to buy before bringing your puppy home
What you need to buy before bringing your puppy home - Eat Wag Play
If you're looking for a rundown of what most would consider the essential purchases for your new puppy… look no further! Click pin to read, also available in a handy download! #newpuppychecklist #newpuppy #puppyownership
a dog eating grass with the caption why do dogs eat grass?
Why do dogs eat grass?
Do you know what's in the grass your dog's eating? No? Me neither. So isn't that a pretty damn good reason to STOP him from eating it? Unless you know FOR CERTAIN that the grass your dog eats is organic, here's why you need to change that behaviour... #dogbehaviour #doghealth #dogtraining #dogtips #dogownership
a black and white dog is running with a toy in its mouth while the text reads how to play with your dog
How to Play With Your Dog - Eat Wag Play
Do you play with your pooch? If not you need to start NOW! Doggy playtime is super fun for our fur babies and us pawrents. It’s a powerful way to connect, form a bond, and strengthen our mutual relationship. But for it to be beneficial and become an enjoyable part of your daily life, there are a few things to consider… #dogplaytime #puppyplaytime #doggyplaytime
three puppies sitting next to each other with the words thinking of adopting a puppy or dog?
Thinking of Adopting a Puppy or Dog? | Eat Wag Play
If you’re considering adopting or rescuing a puppy or dog, you probably already know there’s A LOT to think about and it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly (although it is going to be one of the best decisions you ever made!). So, to help you stay clear-headed and focused, here are checklists for each area... #dogowner #puppyowner #newpup #newdog
two dogs playing with each other in the grass and text overlay reads, the 4 life stages of your dog
The 4 Life Stages of Your Dog | Eat Wag Play
The life of a pawrent is full of questions. When will he stop chewing my slippers? What age should training begin? How do I know when to change his diet? How much exercise should he be getting now he’s older? Click pin to find out the 4 life stages of your pup so you're well prepared! #doglifestages #doglife #puppylife #dogownership
a black and white dog jumping into the air with bubbles in it's mouth
What Is Canine Enrichment & Why Is It Important? | Eat Wag Play
In recent years, canine behavioural science studies have proven that for overall wellbeing, dogs need their bodies and their minds occupied on a daily basis. In the industry, this ‘mind wellbeing’ is called canine enrichment. Click here to find out its benefits, the type of activities you can do with your dog, and why you need to start now if you haven't already... #canineenrichment #caninehealth #caninementalhealth
three puppies are peeking over the top of a wooden fence, with their eyes closed
Grab your FREE New Puppy Checklist!
What do you need to buy before you bring your new puppy home? Go into any pet store and you’ll see so much stuff it’ll make your head spin! Of course there are some essentials. But honestly, just as you wouldn’t overindulge a baby, there’s no need to overindulge your pup. Stick with a few essentials beforehand then look into other items if you think you need to later on. And to make it easy, grab your free NEW PUPPY CHECKLIST here! #newpuppychecklist #newpuppy #newpuppyparents #newdog
a dog is sitting on the floor with its head up
Why is Your Dog Peeing in the House? | Eat Wag Play
Has your dog suddenly started peeing indoors? Click pin for 7 main culprits for indoor peeing or ‘inappropriate urination’ if we want to get all vet-like about it… #dogbehaviour #doghealth #dogownership
an orange flyer with photos of dogs and puppies on the front page, which reads those first 48 hours with your new pup
First 48 hours with Your New Pup | Eat Wag Play
Those first 48 hours with your new puppy are going to be pretty crazy, especially if you go in blind. Quick TIP: don't! Read this guide to the first 48 hours with your new pup to feel fully prepared and ready to welcome a little bundle of fluff into your home... #puppy #newpuppy #newpuppytips #puppytips #first48hours
grass with the words should you stop your dog from eating grass?
Why do dogs eat grass?
Is your dog eating grass harming him or can you just let him get on with it? Click pin to find out why you SHOULDN'T let your dog eat grass... #dogtips #doghealth #dognutrition #dogcare
a dog with the title 10 ways to give your dog more mental simulation on it
10 Ways to Give Your Dog More Mental Stimulation
10 Fun Ways to Give Your Dog More Mental Stimulation.
peanut butter dog biscuits with text overlay
Why You Should Make Your Own Dog Treats (and an easy recipe) | Eat Wag Play
Ready to make your own dog treats? Sure you are! Keep things healthy but super yummy for your best furrend!! Here's an easy peasy peanut butter dog biscuit recipe that he, or she, will LOVE! #dogrecipe #dogbiscuit #healthydogbiscuitrecipe 3healthydogtreats #dogtreats #peanutbutterdogbiscuit
a brown dog with the words 5 tips for how to handle a clingy dog
5 Tips for How to Handle a Clingy Dog - DogVills
When you have a clingy dog, it's easy to get annoyed with him. However, remember that a clingy dog is a happy dog. So take action and work to change his behavior rather than just be annoyed. These tips can help you reduce the demands on you from your clingy dog.