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Little fairy of abundance ✨
Little fairy of abundance, sprinkle your magic on me! I wish for a life of prosperity and happiness. #littlefairy #fairyofabundance #abundance #prosperity #happiness #manifestation #wishes #positivevibes #goodluck #newbeginnings
don't ignore fairy of abundance
a little angel sitting on the ground with its eyes closed and hands folded in prayer
two mickey and minnie mouses in santa hats hugging each other with stars on the background
a wine glass with the image of jesus holding a chalice on it's side
an open book with angels flying over it
an image of a heart with roses in it and the words liberty written on it
a bouquet of red roses sitting on top of a table
a cup of coffee and some pink roses
a bouquet of red roses with green leaves
a pink rose with green leaves in the background