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a cross stitch pattern with a wolf's head in the center and feathers on it
Tattoo Designs
don't want to have a deer on my body, but i like the combination of sketchy lines and clean geometry.
a black and white drawing of a lion's head with geometric shapes in the background
Lion, geometric, animal, geometry
a black and white photo of a tattoo design on the leg, with an image of a wolf's head
Tons de preto e sombreamento perfeito nas tattoos de Fernanda Prado - FTCMAG
Tons de preto e sombreamento perfeito nas tattoos de Fernanda Prado
a black and white photo of a deer's head with geometric shapes on it
Tattoos Elegantly Combine Delicate Natural Subjects with Bold Geometry
Spanish tattoo artist Marla Moon adorns her clients with works that beautifully combine nature and geometry. Although minimalist in their appearance, her permanent body art makes a bold statement using elegant lines and carefully-stippled dots. Together, these two elements depict animals, trees, and flowers that are recreated using angular shapes. Moon also etches a naturalistic-style drawing and then sets it within a triangle, diamond, or some other eye-pleasing polygon. This juxtaposition ...
a man's arm with a deer wearing a suit and tie tattoo on it
Tattoos and Sketches by Jan Mráz — Colossal
Tattoos and Sketches by Jan Mráz tattoos illustration
three different colored images of an animal's head and mouth, with the same color scheme
curated contemporary art
a man holding an umbrella while standing in front of a mountain range with snow on the ground
What's as dapper as a man in a suit, and as powerful as a bear? Bear Man Dude! - Aucklandia
a black cat standing on top of a snow covered mountain next to the words fantastic mr fox
Mario Morales, dibujanto
Fantastic Mr. Fox tattoo? My favorite scene of the movie!