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two bowls with green and white paint on them, one is filled with plastic material
How to Make a Bowl from Recycled Plastic | Beginner's HDPE Project
the instructions for how to sew a bag
Fused Plastic Bag Tutorial
three bracelets made from recycled plastic bags with the words, make from recycled plastic bags
Make Friendship Bracelets from Recycled Plastic Bags
A few of my favorite things: Bangles made from recycled plastic bags Bracelets, Jewellery Making, Diy Jewellery, Bangles Making, Recycled Jewelry
Bangles made from recycled plastic bags
A few of my favorite things: Bangles made from recycled plastic bags
Patchwork, Diy Necklace, Fabric Bracelets, Cord Jewelry, Cord Necklace, Cord Bracelets, Fabric Jewelry
How to Make a Fabric-Wrapped Cord Necklace or Bracelet
Haute Couture, Fashion, Clothes, Costume, Costume Design, Style, Giyim, Styl, Robe
FUTURE FASHION ORACLE A.I. designs from the future. follow us.
a woman is covered in many different pieces of clothing and jewelry, with her hands on her head
Mario Rivoli Overdone Jacket, 1973. Found objects, silk, cotton. Assembled.
Assembled Jacket made of found objects, silk & cotton. Mario Rivoli 1973
a woman sitting on the ground with plastic wrapped around her body and holding something in her hand
Home - Trashion Tribe
Home - Trashion Tribe Home, Arts And Crafts, Unique Pieces, Community, Open, Open Source, Upcycle
Home - Trashion Tribe
an image is displayed on the webpage for maggloud com, which allows users to view images and videos
Trashion Tribe @ Imirage Magazine
We’re delighted to announce that Trashion Tribe has been published on Imirage Magazine with the great honour of being this issue’s front page! You can preview & buy it here. The post Trashion Tribe @ Imirage Magazine appeared first on Trashion Tribe.
the website for wild magazine is displayed in green and brown colors with an ornate pattern
Trashion Tribe @ Wild Magazine
Trashion Tribe “The Elements Collection” has been featured in the Wild Magazine. They call it “Trashion Tribe: A Tale of Reclaimed Fashion” and wrote: ‘Trashion Tribe’ is a dynamic fashion collection created from recycled waste materials. Inspired by climate emergency, Trashion Tribe imagines a world ravaged by climate chaos, and calls attention to the polluting … Continue reading "Trashion Tribe @ Wild Magazine" The post Trashion Tribe @ Wild Magazine appeared fi
an orange and blue object wrapped in plastic
The Elements Collection
Story Humanity wakes up from a shut down to find all its technology has collapsed. No more sucking the rivers or drilling the earth, no more Instagram or World Wide Web. No machines are working and all that is left is what has been previously produced, like the waste now floating in the oceans or … Continue reading "The Elements Collection" The post The Elements Collection appeared first on Trashion Tribe.
a woman sitting on the ground with her hair blowing in the wind, wearing a white dress and green eyeshadow
Trashion Tribe @ PólisArt Magazine
Trashion Tribe “The Elements Photoshoot” has been published in PólisArt Magazine, September issue. The post Trashion Tribe @ PólisArt Magazine appeared first on Trashion Tribe.
a woman is sitting on a tree branch with white fringes hanging from her arms
REturn, a Trashion Tribe photo essay
Returning implies a sort of going back, meaning something was once, then it wasn’t and then it was again. Of course, we know how impossible it is to go back to anything as we keep evolving and nothing really get back to what once was because everything is always changing. Photography by Fernando Matoso. Excerpt from "REturn, a Trashion Tribe photo essay".