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10 Creative Cardboard Projects That Kids Will Love
a person pointing at some paper plates with different designs on them and an image of a face that has been cut out
Make a Face! Learning about Emotions
Trabalho com as emoções na face
two children are playing in a fake house made out of cardboard boxes and paper machs
Castles made of cardboard used boxes during REcreate workshops at Lisbon Busking Festival. See more:
a paper cut out of a house in the woods with trees and moon behind it
Helen Musselwhite's paper art
cardboard houses are stacked on top of each other
Favela 3
Favela 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a group of cardboard buildings sitting on top of a table
three paper flowers in the middle of some bushes
Blooming REcreations
Mandalas, windmills and flowers made out of disused papers such as magazines, wrapping, bags, photos…
an origami fish on a wooden table
Paperized Crafts
Paperized Crafts
two different images of a man made out of paper and some sort of cardboard box
brownbreath: momot paper toys
brownbreath: momot paper toys
two pictures of a paper toy with a hat and sunglasses on it's head
brownbreath: momot paper toys
brownbreath: momot paper toys
a group of paper dolls with hats and beards, all dressed in different outfits
brownbreath: momot paper toys
brownbreath: momot paper toys
some paper toys are in the shape of animals
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squealer paper toy tutorial