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a wooden fence with flowers growing on it next to an old building in the woods
In our society are towns and houses do not look like this.In rot and ruin the towns and housesare destroyed.I think the auther is trying to tell us that is not to destroy our towns and houses.
an old mill in the woods with fall foliage around it and water running under it
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When I invented the satellite community of Brand's Mill, where Wendy MacIntyre runs Custom House Publishing, I had in mind a mill like this, where people were able to get their flour. Of course, in my story there's a small town built up around the mill.
an old barn sits in the middle of a green field near a barbed wire fence
an old farm house sits in the middle of a field with purple irises and yellow daffodils
Beautiful old farm
an oil painting of old farm equipment in the grass
an old barn sits in the middle of a field with hay bales on it
Barn and hay bales
a painting of a farm scene with a tree in the foreground and a barn in the background
an old wooden wagon sitting on top of a lush green field next to a barn
This Old Barn - Bench4boof
Farm. I loved this picture and had to pin it. This is part of a photo Gallery.
a painting of a farm house in the country
Old Farmhouse and Barn lighted canvas
Old Farmhouse and Barn lighted canvas
a painting of two horses pulling a man in a wagon behind them on a farm
Oil Paintings Wholesale - Art on Canvas
Oil Paintings of 6 working horses at countryside Art for sale by ...
an old barn with a windmill in the foreground, and mountains in the background
momentary moods