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the cat is wearing a sweater and looking at the camera
eu depois de ver meu amigo apanhar
an orange cat with it's mouth open and its paw up in the air
a dog is holding a spoon in its mouth while looking at a bowl of soup
an orange and red bird with the words love this animal
·˚✪ 𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲_𝐛𝐛𝐲
a close up of a cat's face with an object in it's mouth
car cat cat meme
a white cat sitting on top of a couch next to a bag and a drink
💌 ! <3
a white cat sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a sign that says pure
a group of people dressed in orange and yellow
a cat sitting on top of a wooden table
a black and white cow wearing a party hat holding a blue balloon
a close up of a tiger on a dirt road with trees in the back ground
rawr!! :3
a white and orange cat sleeping on top of a wooden post in the snow with its eyes closed
a close up of a person holding a cat in front of their face with one eye open
a black cat rolling around on the floor with it's front paws in the air
a black cat standing in front of a wall with white circles on it's back
a cat sitting on top of a watermelon in a kitchen
Awww he's so cute
a cat sitting on top of a person's shoe in the middle of a wooden floor
an image of a cat that is looking at the camera with caption saying, keep talking
a mouse wearing a blue shirt and hat next to an easel with paint on it
It's A Rat's World magazine This is the photo I used for the Sept 2012 issue. Wolfgang was so UNTHRILLED to wear this outfit but I'm so proud of him for doing such a good job for the photo shoot. He's just so freaking cute in this! Natasha Matherly of Mischief Boutique made the costume for me. — with GP FlashSoft and Don Promillo.
various pictures of mice playing music instruments
This is no photoshopped image,that is a real rat holding tiny musical instruments. Using treats, Dutch photographer and artist Ellen Van Deelen taught her pets Moppy and Witz to pose with different miniatures. According to her, her pets are very intelligent and understand her enough to pose for these outstanding photographs. Rats make great pets. Adopt one today
two people with red hair and sunglasses standing next to each other
two people sitting down and one is playing the ukulele on their cell phone
the text reads lord have mercy on me please and three men in cowboy hats are dancing
a person holding up a cell phone with an image of a man's face on it
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Garu baile
a black cat standing in front of a wall with white letters on it's sides
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there is a cat that is looking through the hole in the heart shaped frame with words too punk to die on it