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a bulletin board with hot air balloons in the sky and words yolcluk basalasin
Anasınıfı dönem başlangıcı
a bulletin board decorated with kites and clouds in the middle of a classroom hallway
Karne panosu
a bulletin board is decorated with colorful flowers and the words renki bir yil gecrimeye hazir misniz
there is a blue backdrop with flowers and balloons on the wall that says macera basillyor
there are candy and lollipops on the rainbow striped wall paper garland that says seiker tadinda evly bayrammar
Bayram okul öncesi
the table is covered with crafting supplies and paper flowers hanging from it's sides
there is a display with paper flowers and bags on the table in front of it
four stars are in the shape of a circle and one is for keba bar mela
there are many colorful umbrellas hanging from the wall with words kisa bir mola on it
a group of handprints hanging from the side of a wall with ribbons on it
a birthday cake on a table in front of a banner with photos and bunting
Bir yaş daha büyüdüm pastası 🎂
a blue party hat with stars on it's side and eyes, which are drawn in