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several different types of animals are shown in this image, and each has different colors
Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
Simple Forest Animals - Cartoon Assets A simple asset pack of Forest Animals to add to our existing simple assets. Includes demo scene Includes - - Fox (x3) - Wolf (x3) - Skunk (x3) - Rabbit (x3) - Raccoon (x3) - Boar (x3) - Bear (x3) - Moose Male (x3) - Moose Female (x2) - Doe (x2) - Stag (x3)
a man riding on the back of a motorcycle in the air with an animal behind him
Adrenaline Jockey, Dipo Muh.
ArtStation - Adrenaline Jockey, Dipo Muh.
an animated character standing next to a large dog
NEO-02, mole wang
an animal that has some kind of mechanical device on it's back and legs
Wildlife Patrol, Dipo Muh.
ArtStation - Wildlife Patrol, Dipo Muh.
four different types of cartoon characters in various poses, with one being a monster and the other
shalizeh7 | Character design animation, Cartoon character design, Character design
‪Here is another page from my new Artbook currently on Kickstarter. Just 2 Days left… | Character design animation, Cartoon character design, Concept art characters