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the faces of young children are shown in black and white, as well as an image of
Project – Children’s Art Posters, Kids Art Reproductions, School ...
the many mods of kindergarten on display
School Auction - Each grade contributes a class item. This is what I did for our K-5 last year.. I assigned a "mood" to each child - and they posed with that expression. Used Picassa to write on each pic the expression and thier name. Used Walmart poster collage and framed.
a woman is standing in front of bubbles with people inside them and the bubble are floating
školní tablo
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a poster with many different pictures of children's faces and their name on it
what do you want to be when you grow up?
Class photos for what students want to be when they grow cute!
a black and white poster with the names of people in different languages, all holding signs
a group of children holding up chalkboards with writing on them
Make for teacher at the end of the year. ---> I love the way my daughters teacher did her class a little better, but such a great idea and wonderful keepsake! I'm going to write all the kids names behind their pics and some things my daughter likes/remembers about each classmate!
many children are flying in the sky with their hands up
školní tablo
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a woman standing in front of a poster
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