Embalagem sentimental

Planificação e interpretação tipográfica de uma embalagem de medicamento. Trabalhos realizados pelos alunos da turma DCG20, no âmbito das atividades letivas da…
10 Pins
a paper box that has the label on it
Warley Gomes
two boxes with the same label on them, one is blue and orange while the other is white
Tomás Teixeira
an open box with the label for consciente in purple and white on it
Theo Bove
an open box that has some type of packaging on it, with the label in spanish
Rodrigo Oliveira
an open box with the label on it and some barcodes attached to it
Mikil Oadan
three yellow and black tickets with the word macambizo on them, one is in
Maurício Carmo
an open box with the label on it that says,'tisteaa '
Lenovic Santos
an open box with some type of paper on it, and the inside side is cut out
Filipe Pereira
an open box with the word confianca printed on it's front and side
Artur Lima
the packaging design for ravia 500mg
Angélica Zholob