Seleção de trabalhos realizados pelos alunos da turma DG18, no âmbito das atividades letivas da disciplina de Oficina gráfica e desenvolvidos com recurso à…
10 Pins
a woman with long black hair is looking at the camera
Xian Ying Lu
a drawing of a man with his hair in a top knot, looking at the camera
Ricardo Martins
a woman's face with long brown hair and blue sky in the back ground
Melanie Ziegler
a woman with long brown hair wearing a red shirt and holding her arms behind her head
Maria Pires
a man in a yellow shirt is looking at the camera with a blue sky behind him
Leandro Reis
a man's face is shown in low polygonal style, with the image of him
Jorge Tavares
a man with glasses and a red shirt is looking at the camera while he's in front of a blue background
Guilherme Baptista
a man's face is shown in this cartoon
António Silva
André Ferreira
André Ferreira
Jackson Jacinto