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an indoor play area with fake trees and writing on the walls that read it's a bear
We are going on a bear hunt role play display in the pre-school room
three different types of animals and their names are shown in this printable worksheet
From Head to Toe "Updated" ~ Preschool Printables
the table is covered with green cookies and other things to make it look like they are made out of ice cream
The Curiosity Approach
there is a table with toys on it and the words nuestra mesa de la plaza
a classroom wall with the words calm corner on it
Creating a Calm Down Corner - Inspire Me ASAP
Creating a calm down corner is my classroom has helped meet meet my students' social and emotional needs. Click to read this blog post about how YOU can create a calm down corner TODAY in your classroom!
pumpkin science for kids with pictures of pumpkins and other things to do in the background
The Best Pumpkin Science Activities that will Engage Your Kids
a child's play area with toys and potted plants on the top shelf
DIY Tree House for Small World Play - Little Lifelong Learners
Read how we made our DIY tree house for small world play featuring DIY fairy furniture, fences, trees, bridges and ladders! Perfect for Waldorf, Reggio inspired play using chopping boards and cutting boards from Kmart and IKEA. Play hacks for children!
a pink and white polka dot background with the words sempre e bom lemba
👍Planner Corujinha 2019
Organizando o planejamento e as atividades do ano letivo com o Planner 2019... ...
art project for kids to make with melted paint
Simple Machines and Force: The Investigation
Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: Simple Machines and Force: The Investigation