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an empty room with wooden walls and shelves on the wall is filled with glassware
Reforma e Atualização - Casa de Valentina
Decoração de apartamento. Revestimento de madeira, cristaleira, taças. #casadevalentina #decoracao #decor #details
an empty room with some lights on the wall and plants in vases next to it
there is a mirror on the wall above a shelf
Lego 601 entrance furniture
Elegant furnishing solution for the entrance wall, composed of a wall-mounted open cupboard and a large vertical mirror.
a white bathroom sink sitting under a mirror next to a wall mounted faucet
Personalitza l’entrada de casa teva i decora l’espai del teu rebedor amb un moble funcional i de disseny actual, amb mirall de conjunt: pràctic i decoratiu. Moble 100x18x32,5 Mirall 90x66