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a person walking up some stairs in a house
Oak slatted balustrades against dark grey staircase with recessed oak handrail and LED light
a chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a stair case and wooden handrail
Interior | Stair | Venn Architects: Farleigh house THIS is it. The perfect (albeit slightly too chunky central stringer) stairs!!!!
a wooden stair case with metal handrails
Panelled House
there is a cat that is walking down the stairs
Wheeler Residence - Modern - Staircase - New York - by Saniee Architects, LLC | Houzz
Wheeler Residence - modern - staircase - new york - Saniee Architects llc (similar to the house of 11 girls in Spain)
an artistic staircase with black and white steps
contrasting colours & materials - and letting light through from above
an empty room with some stairs and a potted plant
Historia de una barandilla #casaMyA - Ana Pla - interiorismo y decoración
a set of stairs with wooden treads next to a wall
an empty hallway with lights on the ceiling and carpeted walls in front of it
49 Inspiring Sculptural False Ceiling Designs To Pursue
49 Inspiring Sculptural False Ceiling Designs to Pursue