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a red fire hydrant sitting next to a garage door with the top open and bottom closed
Ugly drum smoker and BBQ. Side shelves fold down charcoal tray for top to bbq. All custom made and selling. 949designs on etsy.
two pictures of an outdoor wood fired fire pit
Sensational Pizza Ovens
DIY oil drum pizza / stone bake ovens
some meat is cooking in a pot on the grass
an outdoor oven with food cooking in it
very nice
there are pictures of different types of trash cans in the process of being turned into garbage cans
Barril de ferro (tambor de metal) reciclado
Reciclar barril, tambor, toneis de metal,
the inside of a large metal container with bricks and grate on it's side
Herb Garden
barrel stove | Trapper Talk | Forums
an outdoor bbq grill in the grass
Resultado de imagen para parrilla de tambor
a woman standing next to an outdoor pizza oven
Henry Sanabria
Henry Sanabria
an outdoor oven made out of bricks and wood
New BBQ/Smoker/Oven build
New BBQ/Smoker/Oven build
instructions on how to build a brick oven
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Na década de 80, no meio rural de vários estados Brasileiros como Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Par...