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an upcycled denim journal with crochet flowers and pens sticking out of it
Cómo hacer una agenda al estilo Scrapbook... ¡con tela vaquera!
Como hacer una agenda estilo Scrapbook, con retazos de jean.
four pieces of paper with clocks on them
Совместный проект "Украшалки". Заманушка.
Здравствуйте, наши догогие Магини! А мы к вам с новой заманушкой))) Приглашаем вас принять участие в нашей новой затее. Насмотревшис...
an old fashioned camera is sitting on the floor
Scrappiamo Insieme
mini #album #scrapbook en forma de cámara
an open book with some pictures on the pages and string hanging from it's sides
Pas à pas: mini source inépuisable de bonheur - NiNi.scrap'paradis
Mini album + tutorial
an open wallet with many different items inside
Mini-album Cute ideas in here!
Layered mini album ideas by Christine As Cellen Mccreary
an open book with pictures and words on it
Collection Folio Challenge!
Paper Skies and Hazel Eyes: Collection Folio Challenge!
a close up of a card with buttons and flowers on the front, along with other cards
Rendez vous du dimanche soir ... - Le Scrap de Patmiaou
Album cuir (1)
several different types of envelopes are being made
Scrapbooking: Ideias de Artesanato, Passo a passo - Artesanato Passo a Passo!
Dicas de Artesanato com Scrapbooking